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Hello from Rethink Galloway!


It’s been a while.


The Rethink Galloway website was setup to inform both RDEK citizens and elected officials about the concerns surrounding Galloway Lands development. The website has served its original purpose. The Developer withdrew its original application and has now submitted a new application. The draft application for the Galloway Lands from Handshake Holdings went to RDEK in December 2022.


The application has not yet been made public. You can learn more by dropping into the Developer Open Houses this week:

  • Thursday, March 30 and Saturday, April 1st 4:00 pm-7:00 pm at the Fernie Seniors Centre


The next steps in the process are:


  • April 13 – 1st Reading of rezoning bylaws at RDEK Planning and Development Committee (PDSC)

  • April 14 – 2nd Reading at RDEK Board meeting

  • May 3 and 4 – Public Hearings in the Elk Valley

  • Mid May  – 3rd and Final Reading of rezoning bylaws at RDEK Board. If passed, then the rezoning bylaws are approved.


If you cared enough to sign our original petition, we hope you care enough to stay informed and stay involved. What can you do?


  • Attend one of the Developer’s Open Houses – ask questions, share concerns, listen and learn

  • Request a copy of the application from the Developer or RDEK

  • Show up in person or zoom in for the April 13-14, 2023 RDEK meetings (zoom link and agenda to be provided later)

  • Talk to others and encourage them to stay informed and get involved if they have concerns

  • Attend the Public Hearings on May 3 and 4.


The approval of a land use amendment to change the current zoning is a generational decision and a potential tipping point in the development of the Elk Valley. Be clear on what you want for our future and ensure that development zoned today meets our vision for tomorrow.



The Rethink Galloway Team

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