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Response to "Trails and Public Use" and "Planning Process" updates released by Handshake Holdings Inc. on February 22 and March 5, 2022

There have been no further filings made to date in respect to the proposed Galloway Lands development.  The applicant, Handshake Holdings Inc., has recently provided updates addressing some questions that may have been posed at their webinar and via their website. None of the applicant's updates have addressed any of the pillars of responsible land development articulated at the RDEK Meetings held on January 13 and 14, 2022 including:​

  1. Road access/egress

  2. Water/septic issues

  3. Fire suppression infrastructure

  4. Other concerns related to protection of fish/wildlife habitat and corridors

​As was reiterated by multiple Directors, it should not be the burden of the RDEK, City of Fernie or future generations to deal with legacy issues as a result of poor design. The RDEK has the responsibility to ensure a standard for development that does not exacerbate existing challenges or create new liabilities for the future. Due process includes the option of declining a proposal that does not meet long term needs or priorities of the community.

RDEK Meetings - January 13/14, 2022

THANK YOU to the more than 100 people who zoomed in to follow the Galloway Lands discussion at the RDEK meetings on January 13th and 14th. At the Planning and Development meeting on Thursday the 13th there were five excellent presentations which highlighted the many concerns across the community. We are proud that Fernie Mayor Ange Qualizza and four other directors opposed the advancement of this application based on the gaps in addressing key issues such as access, fire, safety, water/septic and wildlife. Nine directors, including our elected representative, Mike Sosnowski, voted in favor of advancing the application to a public hearing.

On Friday, after further discussion, the Board reversed the Thursday decision and voted 14-1 in favor of sending the proposal back to the developer to complete further studies and address concerns that had been highlighted.  As such a public hearing will be postponed until after the application is reviewed again by the Board.  Note that the one dissenting Director, Gerry Wilkie of Electoral Area G, wanted to stop the project outright and do no further work on it. 


Thank you to the RDEK Board for ‘rethinking’ their decision on this!


Thanks to everyone for sharing your concerns and staying engaged! Stay tuned for more updates and let’s keep the momentum going to Rethink Galloway!

Click on the items below to see the RDEK news release and the presentations given at the planning committee by organizations with concerns about the Galloway Lands development.  Also, at the bottom of the page are links to two excellent articles from the Fernie Free Press describing what went on in the meetings on the 13th and 14th.

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